The day I quit job, I took charge of my life, and it has been the deciding factor, so far and beyond.

This video was done by one of my guest from France Mr. Xavier Gaubert

Blessed are those who live with Nature. And I am blessed for this cause. leaving behind the corporate tenure indeed made me come closer to the Nature; this has given a new dimension to my life- the 'dimension of Passion'.
Now, most of my days are spent either on the bank of a river near a lovely woods or in the mountain range, where I enjoy the world of my dream. 

The birds wake me up, or the breeze; and when on the mountains, the strong deep cold wind. Everyday I witness the heavenly acts of sunrise and sunset, the stars and the milky way, sometimes the speedy moon playing hide and seek with the clouds, and when it rains, the meditative sound!

Morning view at Okegiga Homes, Majuli

There was a time when I found no door, from where no talk about business targets and meetings comes out. But now I have a Home and the door is open to all from where you can reach the colors and beauties of the world; This is Okegiga Homes in Majuli. 

The way I spend my winter evening

People come from all across the Globe to my Home and I feel more blessed when they get cheered up looking at the sky with twinkling stars and the moon. I witness the twinkles in their eyes. I feel more happy than them when they say, "Dip, you won a beautiful sky!"

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Dipmoina Dowarah 

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