II Rafting and trekking in Arunachal Pradesh; Sing River and Pongging Village II

Many a time, it is worthwhile to take a challenge with the younger generation only to discover how much they are ahead of us. The energy, the enthusiasm, the will power, the capability of forbearing pains and sufferings, the talents...they are the power banks! Getting the opportunity of organizing and leading the vibrant team headed by Changmai Shamikhu of University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya made me more learned.

Trekking to Sirki Waterfall, Pasighat

Sirki Waterfall in Pasighat

Base of the Sirki waterfall

Rafting in Siang River

Siang River is the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet and is the Mighty Brahmaputra in Assam. This is the highest river in the world originating from the Angsi Glacier in western Tibet southeast of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Tsangpo enters Arunachal Pradesh as it leaves the Tibetan Plateau with the Great Bend, called Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon. On google(ing) about Siang, the mightiness and  mysteries always give me goosebumps

Describing the basics of rafting


Siang River

Hiking to Pongging Village, Pasighat


Pongging village is one of the most hard to reach and virgin human locality I have ever found. I get amazed to find people living happily in the deep dark lushly green forest, far away from almost all modern facilities amidst in the sub Himalayan hills.

Beautiful Pongging Village

The only connecting way to the village with the mainland of Pasighat is the suspension bridge over the Yamne river. Yamne river meets with Siang river at about 200 meters away from the suspension bridge). After crossing the suspension bridge one need to trek on the straight shoulders of the hills with the Siang river flowing at the base for nearly an hour or more.

Hanging bridge to Pongging

Confluence of Yamne and Siang

The only way to the village
Yamne river

Other side of the river

We reached Pongging after nearly more than an hour of hiking. There are nearly 50 houses in the village with 1 school up to class V. People go out of home in the very early morning of the day for farming and other works. Nature has taken care of each and every person of the village, they have no health service facility and they in fact do not need one, this is the way they live. They are strong, humble and most honest. A 60-70 years old lady carrying 60-70 KG load of wood on her back and climbing up is a normal way of daily their lives. It is said eyes is the opening to the heart. And their eyes are wide opened and clear.

Village Lady

Local Villagers

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